Blue Vinyl Flooring

Blue Vinyl Flooring

Safety flooring significantly reduces risk of slips in demanding environments,such as busy commercial kitchens and wet surface. offers an enhanced degree of slip-resistance without compromising easy maintenance.


Blue vinyl flooring

Dense concentration of deep inlaid anti slip particles throughout the wear layer =>; Permanent slip performance R10

No carborundum =>; easier to handle& cut
Mineral crystal particules and new colours =>; Fresher colour palette
100% recyclable

TKflor is a collection of scientific research and design, manufacturing, sales for the integration of vinyl flooring industry company that specializing in productions of permanent anti-static PVC floor and commercial homogeneous shivering PVC floor coiled material.

The permanent anti-static PVC coiled material produced by the company is widely applied to electronic industry, IT industry, etc., and the commercial homogeneous shivering PVC coiled material has the advantages of sound insulation, heat preservation, elasticity, dust prevention, pollution resistance, skid resistance, sterilization and so on. With wider application, it is the most suitable product for hospitals, schools, office buildings, and transportation equipment such as vehicles and ships. 




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TKflor is one of the professional blue vinyl flooring manufacturers and suppliers in China with great blue vinyl flooring projects and hot sales on going, welcome to buy customized products from our factory and check prices with us.
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